Next Up: Jeremy Duns

February 8th, 2010

Well, so far, so good.  It’s been fascinating to read the three approaches so far and to see how everyone responds, and it’s not about to get any duller.

Jeremy Duns, our next guest star, grew up in Africa and Asia and currently lives in Sweden. His 2009 espionage thriller, FREE AGENT, was published in America by Viking Penguin and in the UK by Simon & Schuster, neither of which is noted for putting out tripe.  And, sure enough, the book’s gotten a great reception; Publishers Weekly called it a “terrific debut” and likened Duns to the early John LeCarre, and no less a writer than William Boyd (on my personal list of the five best living novelists) called it “fascinating and compelling.”

And it’s the first of a trilogy, which implies vast organizational capability.  So how’d he do it?

You’ll find out Wednesday night.

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  1. e.lee Says:

    just read the entire ‘Finishing Your Novel’ section.

    Frank but timely advice. Talent will only get a writer so far but not for the long haul.

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