Win a Book on HuffPost

March 30th, 2010

Huffington Post has just put up a blog in which I ask for help in naming the new Poke Rafferty book. I’ve been having animated discussions with the people at Morrow about it.  Would you please drop by and vote?  Here’s the link: And Morrow’s giving away 50 copies of my books to people who play along.

And, on another front, we’re working on the comments problem.  Sorry to all of you whose comments never appeared.  There’s a software problem either with Captcha or with WordPress.  I have to accept every comment that comes in, and I have seen NONE except for Cynthia Mueller’s in more than three weeks.  And my PROFUSR apologies to Jamie Freveletti, whose excellent Pantsing piece drew (apparently) many unpublished comments.

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