Comments? We’re BACK!!

April 5th, 2010

I have disabled Captcha, which was responsible for deleting all comments.Having now sent comments from two other computers, I know they’re going through.  They still have to wait for me to approve them before they go public, but they ARE making it into the comments cue.

Those of you who had something to say about Jamie Frevelleti’s terrific Pantsing post, PLEASE re-comment beneath her piece so Jamie can see that she wasn’t ignored.  And here’s a good reason to say something: Jamie’s RUNNING FROM THE DEVIL was just nominated by the International Thriller Writers as Best First Novel of 2009.

So please stop by and say something to Jamie, and next week we’ll have a new post from Jim Newport, whose books include a vampire saga and a reminiscence of Jimi Hendrix.  Oh, and who’s a top-line movie art director and lives in Phuket.


7 Responses to “Comments? We’re BACK!!”

  1. Cynthia Mueller Says:

    Welcome back!

    But I have to say, I’m going to miss the writing prompt generator (captchas).
    Looking forward to Wednesday’s post.

  2. Sylvia Says:

    Testing – one two three – testing!

  3. Timothy Hallinan Says:

    Thanks, you guys. GREAT to know we’re really back.

    But I miss Captcha, too — and you should see the amount of spam I’m getting without it.

    Hoping a bunch of others come back and comment on Jamie’s post. And we have some great ones coming.

  4. Rachel Brady Says:

    I’m just posting because I can!

  5. Larissa Says:

    Yay. Glad to see things are back up and running. (c: I am thoroughly enjoying these posts so please don’t take them away. Uhm…that’s about all I have. Just glad to see we’re all back in touch~

  6. Timothy Hallinan Says:

    Hi, everybody, and sorry for the long down time. Lots of things happening, and we’re going to start it off on Monday with the next of the Plotters vs Pantsers posts, of which I think three remain.

    Then I’m going to hog the forum for a while, probably until late August, after the new Poke book, THE QUEEN OF PATPONG, is released, and then we’ll start the guest blogs in THE BOOK THAT ALMOST KILLED ME thread.

    Next up, Jim Newport, author of (among other things) THE VAMPIRE OF SIAM series.

  7. Beth Terrell Says:

    Hi, Tim. Great to see that comments are up and running again. (Yep, I’m behind the curve, as always.)

    I look forward to reading the rest in this series and then reading about THE BOOK THAT ALMOST KILLED ME.

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