From Diane von Fürstenberg!!!

April 10th, 2010

Diane Von FurstenbergOh, my God, I’ve had a response from Diane von Fürstenberg.

Don’t get me wrong — I prize every response I get, even from those of you who aren’t rich, famous, blue-blooded, and married to Barry Diller.  But Diane von Fürstenberg is all three of those things, and she responded to MY WEB SITE.

It’s a little odd that she responded to a post that’s more than a year old and that describes a sort of crucifixion festival in the Philippines (called Getting Nailed on Coke), but I guess it’s presumptuous to think we know what will interest someone who’s famous. blue-blooded, and married to Barry Diller.  On second thought, crucifixion might be just the topic for someone who’s married to Barry Diller.

It’s also odd that WordPress flagged Diane’s (I guess I can call her Diane) message as spam, especially considering how personal it is, how elegantly worded, and how directly responsive it is to a post about a crucifixion festival in the Philippines.

This is what, ahem, Diane wrote: “Exactly what an outstanding job you possess done. You’ve served lots of people by creating this publish. Caps away to a person. Thank a person and looking more like these articles. “

Now come on.  You see how blue blood reveals itself ?  Class will tell, every time.  The understated eloquence of Exactly what an outstanding job you possess done. I mean, I’d like to see you do so much in so few words.  And the offhand expression of gratitude, Caps away to a person.  Not just “hats off”; no, the precision of “caps,” even if it is a bit odd for it to be pluralized like that, and the sweeping imagery of “away.”  And the final flourish — not “to you,” which is rudely direct, considering that Diane and I haven’t been formally introduced (although I have to admit that I’ve come to feel like I know her), but rather, “to a person.”

And who among us isn’t?  A person, I mean.  See?  There’s no improving on it.

There is a bit of Boris-and-Natasha spin to some of the language (“creating this publish,” for example), but please — von Fürstenberg? You don’t get handed a name like that in Moline, Illinois.  An, in fact, she was born plain old Diane Halfin in Belgium and acquired her umlaut by marrying Prince Egon von Fürstenberg, thereby becoming Princess Diane von Fürstenberg.  When she and Prince Egon (not a name you see every day) split up, she relinquished the title but retained the umlaut.

But now, try this.  Look at the photo of the elegantly attired, terminally chic woman above and imagine her saying, “Exactly what an outstanding job you possess done. You’ve served lots of people by creating this publish. Caps away to a person. Thank a person and looking more like these articles.”

And WordPress thinks this is spam.  Peh, I laugh heavily upon a person, as Diane might say, judging from her note.

Spam?!?!  It screams her.

7 Responses to “From Diane von Fürstenberg!!!”

  1. Lisa Kenney Says:

    You are always rubbing elbows with the rich and famous. And I’m not just hanging noodles from your ears.

  2. Timothy Hallinan Says:

    The elbow of a person in that one’s ribs are outstanding in meaningful.

    Rachel Brady also replied to this post and I approved it, but then it whoosh! vanished into the void. The person is missing it too much, as Diane would say.

  3. Suzanna Says:

    Approximately why are you so funny time? There’s so many youth who look to your creating humors. Caps away to that can funny make.

    Diane loves good for reason.

  4. Timothy Hallinan Says:

    It is to laugh but discreet up the cloth on the arm of a person.

  5. John Lindquist Says:

    It is possible that your site inspired Diane von Fürstenberg to utilize the web more to make known her personal concerns as well as her product. I just checked out her publish at and am really impressed. She is quite a noble example as well as a sweetie. Caps off indeed.

  6. Timothy Hallinan Says:

    WHOA!!!! — is that aristocratic and understated or not. Also, since this is now an old thread and I can probably say something that might get me into trouble if it were more heavily trafficked, Diane’s site is rich in nubile young things of the preferable sex.

    And — FLASH — Diane has written me again, John. I’ll be sharing it with a person soon.

  7. Beth Terrell Says:

    I can’t wait for the new person’s publish. Actually, “Diane” sounds eerily like Koko the gorilla (one of my favorite people).

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