“Sylvia’s Sentence” Contest Winners

May 12th, 2008

It’s over. The deadline for entries in the SYLVIA’S SENTENCE contest is up. And the winners are . . .


Everybody who actually sat down and wrote an entry wins a hardcover copy of THE FOURTH WATCHER.

Here’s what you need to do to collect this priceless heirloom, which you can read, use as a coaster, sell on eBay, employ as a color accent in a room that needs a little yellow or orange, throw at a cat, or employ as an improvised straight-edge.

1. E-mail me a postal address.

2. Say SIGN or DON’T SIGN.

3. Wait.

People who say SIGN will get their book later than those who opt for an unblemished copy, since I won’t get back to the States until June 17 and the books will arrive in Los Angeles a week or two earlier than that.

And thanks for writing my blog for me for the past couple of weeks.

7 Responses to ““Sylvia’s Sentence” Contest Winners”

  1. fairyhedgehog Says:

    Congratulations to all the winners! That’s really impressive writing; I couldn’t even begin to think of a response to the prompt.

    And thanks to Tim for your generosity with the prizes.

  2. Larissa Says:

    Good job all! I got stuck in transit. I’ll just have to wait for the next big contest. 😀 Really clever writing.

  3. Timothy Hallinan Says:

    I agree with both of you — the entries were terrific. Wish you both had joined in. Oh, well, I’ll be doing something around the trade paperback of A NAIL THROUGH THE HEART.

    A reminder to the winners: I can’t send your book without an address. So far, I’ve received five, so the rest of you are effectively living in limbo as far as I’m concerned, and the Post Office won’t deliver to limbo.

  4. Cynthia Mueller Says:

    Limbo? Isn’t that in one of those big flyover states in the middle, like Wisconsin? I think Limbo was in our HS conference. Southeastern WI, I believe. And you’re correct. The PO doesn’t deliver there. You hafta go into town on Saturday and pick up your messages.

    Oh wait, I could be thinking of Mukwonago. Yep. That’s it. Nevermind.

  5. Greg Says:

    They may not deliver to Limbo but I’ve gone through Hell a few times to get my mail. I actually think the Post Office IS Limbo. When I have to go there I feel like God has put me on hold. The light is flashing and there may be music playing but the line could go dead at any second.
    Will I get through the queue before closing time? Will they accept the package that I sealed with red duct tape? Will anyone recognize the poster of me above the stamp machine? I shaved off the beard so I think I’ll be okay but one never knows in Limbo.

  6. Andrea Mitchell Says:

    Hi Timothy … aw, should have entered the contest! Oh well, next time.

    Just wanted to say thank you very much for your articles on finishing a novel on this site. I have just finished the first draft of my current book, and the last few chapters were a real struggle. I referred to some of your articles frequently and they really helped to push through some of the barriers.

    So thank you!

  7. Timothy Hallinan Says:

    Cynthia — Limbo IS in the middle. It’s that endless area between Here and There that we all have to cross through, whether we’re traveling or writing a book or trying to lose ten pounds.

    And Greg, Limbo is precisely being on hold. It’s being on hold for everything, but most especially good news. Don’t worry about the red duct tape, though. Red duct tape is Limbo’s only export.

    Andrea — Thanks so much. You can’t know how much I appreciate your taking the time to write that. I always hope that this material is useful, but who knows? And I wish you the very best with the book.

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