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August 4th, 2010

Okay, this is a shameless plug.

All of you who have written to me over the years, demanding to know what happened to poor old Simeon Grist (and there have been literally hundreds of you) can now re-read him for PRACTICALLY NOTHING —  I MEAN, WE’RE ALMOST GIVING THEM AWAY — on Amazon’s tidy little forest-saving Kindle.  Think of it — you can preserve millions of acres of virgin forest AND read the hardly-dated-at-all exploits of the hero of what one critic called “One of the great lost series of the 1990s.”

You’ll be sparing butterfly breeding grounds and limpid, gurgling springs, ensuring a lifetime supply of tasty nuts for furry-tailed rodents (the great naturalist Joseph Wood Krutch pointed out that we loathe rodents with naked tails — rats, anyone? — but love those with furry ones  — Chip ‘n Dale, anyone?) –umm . . . this sentence has gone seriously astray.

Anyway, those of you who are Moving On from what digital-book freaks refer to as DTBs (Dead Tree Books) can now read THE FOUR LAST THINGS and EVERYTHING BUT THE SQUEAL on the kindle for the practically nonexistent price of $2.99 each.  And if you buy them both, you get a special bulk price of $5.98 for both of them.

And they’ve got these cool covers designed at enormous cost by a teenage prodigy named Allen Chiu, although, guess what?  When you download them to the Kindle, you don’t get the cover.  They’re just eye candy designed to make you feel like you’re getting a DTB.

These ibooks were produced by the redoubtable Kimberly Hitchens, who has talent and energy to spare and enough lip for a dozen private-eye novels.  My role was restricted to paying for absolutely everything and proofreading both books in their converted status, and I have to say they read pretty well considering that the guy who wrote them was still trying to figure out what a paragraph was.  I even got a chance to trim some of the more painful excesses.

And if you don’t have a Kindle, you can download Kindle for PC free from Amazon and read them on your PC or Mac.  Come on, buy them and keep me in, oh, I don’t know, chewing gum.

6 Responses to “SQUEAL on Kindle”

  1. Hitch Says:


    Hate to disagree with the boss, but when you download the books to Kindle, you DO get the cover. Since I’m redoubtable, hopefully you won’t argue with me!! 😉

    Kimberly Hitchens, aka Hitch

  2. Timothy Hallinan Says:

    Hitch — It’s only because I’m afraid of you that I didn’t exercise the webmaster’s prerogative and delete your comment. But since I am, I’m putting it up.

    The story was better the way I told it. Pout.

  3. Larissa Says:

    Wow. That was a completely frenetic and amusing post. I can’t quite bring myself to read a not DTB. Hehe. I do work at a college bookstore though so I’m surrounded by them and their sneaky, tricksy little digital book counterparts. I know, I know, I call myself a hippie but I still like things made from paper (c:

  4. Sharai Says:

    You sold me, I loved THE FOUR LAST THINGS, and can’t think of a good reason not to download EVERYTHING BUT THE SEQUEL other than not being able to snuggle up to my lap top while I read, even though I know Susana does it. Besides, I know you need chewing gum to keep you smoke free!

  5. Rachel Brady Says:

    Did I hear you tell a guy in Houston last year that this was your best book before the Poke series? I need to go back and read your older stuff.

  6. Timothy Hallinan Says:

    I can’t believe how long it’s been since I responded to you guys. Between that and the fact I never post, it’s probably not surprising that my traffic has fallen off a cliff.

    Riss, I’d had a LOT of coffee. I don’t have an e-book reader, either, but I bow to the inevitability of getting one eventually, especially since I’ll have about eight books up within a few months.

    By the way, the Simeons are selling at a very surprising pace — good surprising, I mean. Actual money is flowing into my bank account.

    Sharai, hope you read it and that id didn’t/doesn’t horrify you. It’s on the dark side. But it’s got its funny moments, too.

    Rachel, I had to re-read these to put them up, as I noted in the post, and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed them, but for some really extravagant patches of overwriting. Hope you like it.

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