En Espanol, No Less

August 11th, 2010

Whoa — I speak Spanish!

This is EL CUARTO OBSERVADOR, the Spanish edition of THE FOUR LAST THINGS, a really beautiful edition by the Barcelona publisher ViaMagna.

My favorite line is the one I first opened to, “El helado de Miaow se esta derritiendo,” or as I more prosaically put it, “Miaow’s ice cream is melting.”  Really loses something when it’s translated back into English.

I LOVE having this artifact.  It’s a beautiful object, and it just kills me that someone (Luis Arcadio Galindo Lopez, as it turns out) spent months translating something I just sat down and made up and then all these terrific Spaniards designed, printed, and are distributing this book.

A copy of this edition, inscribed by me in Spanish (!!) will be one of the many prizes in my FIRST LINES/LAST WORDS contest, which I’ll be talking about in a couple of days.  Lots of nice things will be given away to the sharp-eyed who can identify the books from which some first lines were taken and the writers whose final words I’ll be quoting.  Stay tuned, amigos.

9 Responses to “En Espanol, No Less”

  1. Usman Says:

    Great Cover, Amigo.
    Love the orange and yellow hues, and the silhouette.
    Don’t know Spanish. Vamos, coz Nadal is my favorite tennis player these days.

  2. Sylvia Says:

    Ooooh, now that’s another tempting prize. It’s gorgeous!

  3. Jeff B Says:

    Hmmm…I would have guessed the cover was for the Spanish language edition of The Fourth Wacther.

  4. Timothy Hallinan Says:

    Hi, all — Thanks for taking the time to drop by and say nice things. Jeff, who’s too smart for his own good, spotted my whoppola of a mistake — this is indeed the Spanish translation of THE FOURTH WATCHER rather than the Simeon Grist novel THE FOUR LAST THINGS.

    Maybe I’m doing too many things at the same time.

    THE FOUR LAST THINGS, in the meantime is selling quite merrily as a Kindle book, much to my surprise. Between that and EVERYTHING BUT THE SQUEAL, we’re in double-digit daily sales and climbing. For those who have a Kindle or Kindle for PC (or Mac) those titles are $2.99 each. Such a deal.

  5. glenn w Says:

    It’s all way too cool!
    What a great time in your life.

    But in all yourcom spare time, better start freshening up on your Spanish.

  6. Philip Coggan Says:

    20 a day for 300 days at $3 each is $18,000. Times, is 6? titles in the series? How much of that does the author get to keep?

    Now awaiting the Japanese, Finnish and Hindi translations – I think you’ve cracked it! (Where can I get in on this?)

  7. Larissa Says:

    Well done! I’ll be keeping an eye peeled for the contest. (c:

  8. Vena Says:

    Must confess to being a recent purchaser of EVERYTHING BUT THE SQUEAL on Kindle (today) and THE FOUR LAST THINGS (like, three or four days ago). Happy to have contributed to the uptick of sales, Mr Hallinan.

    THANK YOU (or, muchas gracias to keep with the Spanish theme) for writing both the Poke Rafferty and Simeon Grist novels. They’ve kept me company on those wonderfully quiet moments while my one year old naps. Am looking forward to reading the rest of the Grist series on Kindle when (if?) they’re published.

    Congratulations on the translation!

  9. Timothy Hallinan Says:

    Vena — You’re my hero — thanks so much for downloading and then writing me.

    If I could presume upon you further, would you review one or both of the Simeons? For some reason, e-book readers don’t review, and those pages look really empty to me. You don’t have to write good reviews if you didn’t like one (or both) of the books, but it would be great to have some more reader opinions up there.

    And if you do that and then send me the link to the review when it appears, I’ll send you a free kindle file of the next one to go up, THE MAN WITH NO TIME. (It’ll be about two weeks before it’s ready.)

    In the meantime, SKIN DEEP is also up. Simeon number one in writing order, but published third.

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