Simeon Redux — and an Offer

September 14th, 2010

Here it is, in digital form: Simeon Grist’s third adventure, set this time in the secretive world of network TV and the seamy world of strip bars.

To set the record straight, this is actually the first Simeon I wrote.  It got sold as part of a three-book contract and I was so, um, exuberant that I immediately wrote The Four Last Things.  The publishers decided to put Four Last out first, and in the meantime I wrote Everything But the Squeal, which the publishers decided to put out second.  So this, the first written, was the third released.

Because it was the first, I looked into it with a certain amount of dread when I had to proof it after conversion.  It turned out to be not as bad as I’d feared in the not-so-good bits and a hell of a lot better than I’d hoped in the good bits.  In fact, I don’t know that I’ve ever written a much more nail-biting ending, and nobody seems to have guessed who the killer was, which was undoubtedly because I had no idea myself until he or she was in the room with a gun in his or her hand.

It’s pretty good overall, with one of the best opening paragraphs I ever wrote:

By seven-thirty a crowd had jammed itself noisily into McGinty’s of Malibu, which, all gussied up for the Fourth of July, was even more of a slag heap than usual.  Red, white, and blue crepe paper sagged despondently from the rafters.  Red, white, and blue beach balls had been tossed into the ropy fishnet that hung from the ceiling.  They nestled among seashells, starfish, old glass floats, and other nautical bric-a-brac to create a landscape that looked like the place where drowned children went to play.

That’s not bad, is it?  And all that — plus much, MUCH more is yours for the bargain basement price of $2.99.  $2.99, do you hear?  No, your eyes are not deceiving you.  $2.99.

And here’s a deal.  Buy it and read it and review it (or review The Four Last Things or Everything But the Squeal) on Amazon and send the first five words to me at with the topic heading AMAZON REVIEW, and when your review appears I’ll send you a FREE (not even $2.99) Kindle copy of The Man With No Time, Simeon’s fourth book, which will be ready to go in a couple of weeks.  It DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A POSITIVE REVIEW.  Just tell people what you think.  For some reason, e-book readers don’t post reviews the way the readers of print&paper books do.

This offer is good until October 31.  Come on, what’s to lose?  One book for $2.99, one book free.  I cannot believe I’m hondling you like this.  I’m sensitive.  I’m an artist.  I want you to buy this book.

6 Responses to “Simeon Redux — and an Offer”

  1. Cliff Stanford Says:

    OK, I’ll bite. I’ve just finished The Queen of Patpong so I need something else to read.

    I’ve downloaded Skin Deep to my phone and I’ll review it when I’ve read it. It had better be good! 🙂


  2. Timothy Hallinan Says:

    Thanks, Cliff, and please review it on Amazon whether you like it or not.

    Can’t believe you’re reading these on your iPhone. This is the kind of thing that would have driven my mother crazy. “You’ll ruin your eyes, you’ll ruin your eyes.”

  3. Kyle Davis Says:

    Ok. I’ll bite, too. Just finished 3 (the last one “The Queen of Patpong”) and loved all 3. Great characters that I feel close to. Just bought “Skin Deep” last night so I’ll be reading it next. Hope it’s as good as the last 3 in a sequel. Expectations are pretty darn high though! 🙂

  4. Timothy Hallinan Says:

    Don’t forget to review, Kyle, whether you like it or not, and send me the link, and I’ll send you the Kindle file of either THE FOUR LAST THINGS, ANYTHING BUT THE SQUEAL, or the upcoming THE MAN WITH NO TIME.

    But make sure to send me the link at, because I don’t check the Amazon pages much.

    And I’m really happy you liked QUEEN.

  5. Cliff Stanford Says:

    Right, read it on the iPhone and very much enjoyed it. I have also reviewed it on Amazon.

    And I’m not worried about ruining my eyes with this kind of book, even though it was full of nude dancers. 🙂


  6. Timothy Hallinan Says:

    Cliff, thanks so much for the review — will send you the Kindle version of THE MAN WITH NO TIME, but PLEASE send me a ne-mail reminding me that you’re owed the file because I’m keeping all of them in a single folder.

    It was full of nude dancers, wasn’t it? Hmmmm. Kind of a theme in my work.

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