With Mozzarella

September 25th, 2010

In the language of Dante, no less.

THE FOURTH WATCHER, already available in Spanish, has sailed the Mediterranean down to Italy.  And I’m being interviewed by Italian journalists, which is kind of cool.

If I get extra copies of this, I’ll inscribe them in Italian and give a few away.

But I think this, the promo copy, says it all:  “Poke Rafferty è convinto di avercela fatta. Buoni guadagni con libri di viaggi, una fidanzta e una figlia adottiva che lo amano, una vita senza scosse nella Bangkok residenziale. Nessun problema giusto? Sbagliato. Perché il passato ritorna. Nella forma di Frank Rafferty, spregiudicato padre di Poke, insieme alla peggiore delle compagnie, Richard Elson, agente della CIA. Il quale accusa la fidanzata di Poke di essere coinvolta in un grosso traffico di banconote false. Ed è solo l’inizio dell’incubo. Pezzo per pezzo, infamia per infamia, Poke è inesorabilmente trascinato in un abisso di intrigo e cospirazione in grado di inghiottire tutto. E tutti.”

E tutti, indeed.

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  1. fairyhedgehog Says:

    Due caffè per favore isn’t quite enough for me here. There doesn’t seem to be anything about ice cream, either.

    It’s great you’re getting into so many languages.

  2. Phil Hanson Says:

    “Bon giorno” and “Ferrari” are the extent of my knowledge about the Italian language, but I’m guessing your title translates to “The Fourth Watcher.” Way cool, Tim.

  3. RJ Baliza Says:

    congratulations are in order, then.

    tellyou what. we’re due for an Italian vacation in the next coupla weeks, and i’d keep an eye out for anyone reading your book in public then snap their picture and send it to you.

  4. Suzanna Says:

    Happy that your book is getting yet another foreign language edition.

    I hope you don’t mind but I was curious enough to find out what the Italian promo copy said so I put the copy into an online translator and the following is the confusing mess it came up with. These translation tools usually make a mess of things and this was no different. Funny stuff.

    “Poke Rafferty is convinced to have to us made it. Good gain with books of travels, fidanzta and an adoptive daughter loves who it, a life without jolt in the residential Bangkok. No problem just? Mistaken. Because the past returns. In the form of Frank Rafferty, spregiudicato father of Poke, with to the worse one of the companies, Richard Elson, agent of the CIA. Which accusation the fianc2ee of Poke of being been involved in a large traffic of counterfeit banknotes. And it is only the beginning of the incubus. Piece for piece, infamy for infamy, Poke inexorably is dragged in an abyss of intrigue and conspiracy in a position to swallowing all. And all.”

    Now I just need to find out what fidanzta and spregiudicato mean.

  5. Timothy Hallinan Says:

    My God, Suzanna — the Italian ad copy was written by Diane von Furstenburg. The woman is everywhere. The “fidanzta” is a masterstroke — such an underused word. And my new book is going to be called “The Beginning of the Incubus.”

    RJ — If you see one, buy it. Buy three. I’ll (secretly) pay you back later. I’ve got to do SOMETHING to drive sales, even if it’s in Italy.

    Phil, you should learn the phrase in Fairyhedgehog’s note. Then you can have two coffees all for yourself, every time you order in Italy (or at Pizza Hut. Well, maybe not.)

    Haven’t got the book yet. Can’t wait to see what they did to the sentence that begins “El helado de Miaow” in the Spanish edition.

    Thanks, all.

  6. RJ Baliza Says:

    Italy is going to be a family vacation, and we’re a party of 12, so sales in Italy that day would be remarkable, to say the least. I’m doing research on where the bookstores are even as I type this. 🙂

    But seriously, it’s just a matter of time before Italy discovers you.

  7. Larissa Says:


  8. Timothy Hallinan Says:

    RJ — Hope you find it and buy out the entire press run. It would be nice to be big in one country, at least.

    Riss — w00t back atcha. That’s my Sarah Palin imitation, btw.

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