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July 27th, 2008

This is the image that greets you when you go to the terrific site called Jen’s Book Thoughts.

The line that accompanies it is, Dog-ear this site, not your books!

And it’s probably a good thing that Jen doesn’t know that I routinely dog-ear books, because she’s just posted a really thoughtful review of THE FOURTH WATCHER.  (“Thoughtful” in this context means that she likes my writing.)  I especially enjoy the way she uses the excerpts she weaves into the review, and I have to say that I share her opinion of the excerpts she chose — I would have chosen them, too.

(I once had a review — of a book called The Man With No Time — in which the reviewer chose for special praise a passage I loathed and had actually meant to cut when I got the galley proofs.  So it’s great to have someone like Jen choose stuff I actually regard with some pride.)

Here’s the review:

And here’s some pathetic begging.  This book has not received a single newspaper review. Does anyone out there know a newspaper reviewer (I don’t care if it’s a weekly throwaway) to whom I could send a copy of the book?  Anyone?  Is that a hand raised at the back?  Yes, Doris, you can go to the bathroom.

Anyone else?

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  1. Larissa Says:

    Uhm…define “know”… that’s the guy’s email address for the Kansas City Star. I met him briefly at this book event thing for a local writer when I was a cocktail waitress at a comedy club..we were renting out our room for their event. I don’t know much about him frankly but I know that he is our book reviewer and that’s what you asked for. hehe. So yeah…if that helps, cool. (c:

  2. Lisa Kenney Says:

    Now THAT’s the kind of review I’d like to learn how to write!

    I don’t know any newspaper people, but I have to believe the fact you haven’t gotten any newspaper reviews yet is related to the plethora of posts and articles I’ve been reading over the last couple of weeks about newspaper review sections shutting down. I think the biggest was about the LA Times, right?

  3. Timothy Hallinan Says:

    Thanks, Larissa — I’ve e-mailed him a kind of embarrassing pitch letter and the promise of both books overnight. We’ll see.

    This is a dispiriting situation. Back in the old daye, by which I mean 8-9 years ago, I could depend on 15-20 reviews every time a book came out. This time around, NOT ONE. On NAIL, there were three, although one of them was the Washington Post, which counts as two. The publishing model is clearly broken, and no one knows how to fix it.

    Lisa, your review of WATCHER on Amazon is a model of how to do it. It’s a shame about all the book sections closing down, because you could review for a living.

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