The Pumpkinhead of Your Choice

November 2nd, 2008

One of these guys will replace the Shrub.  I know which one I want, but either one will be an improvement.  A full cuspidor would be an improvement.

I normally dislike all professional politicians, and I don’t really love either of the choices we’re being offered this time, either.  Nonetheless, I’m going to watch the election returns on the evening of the fourth with an unusual degree of involvement, in large part because of the vice presidential race.  It’s just too painful to anticipate the potential ascent to the presidency of yet another tongue-tied, know-nothing governor whose vision of foreign policy is just barely broad enough to include both French fries and Italian roast and whose grasp of science tells her the world is six thousand years old.

So which of these pumpkinheads will you be voting for?

This one?

Or this one?

The question now is how many people, no matter what they say to the pollsters, will actually go into that voting booth, pull the curtain behind them, and vote for a candidate who’s orange.

7 Responses to “The Pumpkinhead of Your Choice”

  1. Lisa Kenney Says:

    It’s no secret I voted for Obama as soon as early voting started in Colorado. There were things I liked about McCain in 2000 and I’m not crazy about everything Obama wants to do, but in the end, there wasn’t much contest between the two in my mind. Oddly, it was Bush who once said something to the effect that no matter how the candidates stand on the issues, you get a good idea of the character of a person by the end of a campaign. If I had to choose based on nothing more than how each campaign was conducted just since the DNC and the RNC, the Dems win in a landslide. But no matter what the outcome, I can only hope like hell that after Tuesday, I never have to hear anyone utter the words “Joe the Plumber” again. Wish us luck world!

  2. Timothy Hallinan Says:

    WELCOME BACK!!!!!!

    Hope the trip was everything you wanted it to be. We just got back from ten days on the Sea of Cortez while I worked on the edit of whatever MISDIRECTION will ultimately be called. We had a great time, although it was sobering to look around at all those old people and realize they weren’t all THAT much older than we were.

    Thanks for the vote. We can but hope. And look forward to bye-bye Duh-bya.

  3. Jen Forbus Says:

    Amen! If we had to go through another four years of Duh-bya, we probably wouldn’t have a country left afterward. And the thought of Palin being anywhere near the White House is too disturbing for me to fathom. Lord, please protect us from such disasters!

  4. Suzanna Says:

    I voted about two weeks ago with the assurance that my vote would be one of many that will overwhelmingly be counted in Pumpkin Head #2’s column, at least here in the state of California. And it is my sincere hope that Pumpkin Head #2 will win by a landslide so that we don’t have the kind of miserable prolonged recount scenario of 2000.

    I have been watching the election news as though, gee, our lives depended on it, and I don’t think that’s as overly stated as it may seem. So if Pumpkin #2 does not win look for me curled up in a fetal position with a pillow over my head wondering how we’re gonna get through the next four years with the threat of Sarah Palin taking over for “Sad Grandpa” should he be unable to fulfill his term.

    On the other hand if Pumpkin Head # 2 wins I will gleefully plant a sort of victory garden to commemorate the day America finally woke up.

  5. Larissa Says:

    Definitely Pumpkinhead #2.

  6. Timothy Hallinan Says:

    Jen, Suzanna, Larissa — Do I detect a trend? Wouldn’t that be nice?

    I actually watched Fox News tonight and got to see Karl Rove eat a large helping of crow. I don’t mean to be unsporting, but hoo hoo hoooooooooo.

    But let’s not get premature about all this. The crooks in Washington still have some clout — for example, the “leak” about Obama’s illegal-immigrant auntie.

  7. Suzanna Says:

    Yeah, let’s hope that Washington clout doesn’t rear its ugly head as it thrashes toward the finish line.

    I think the leak about Obama’s auntie’s immigration status is sort of a last gasp from the GOPs failed campaign. Sort of a desperate move that won’t really amount to much.

    Remember when someone in the media reminded Shrub’s VP that the American people didn’t think the Iraq war was worth it, and he smugly replied, “So?”

    I think of this election as the American people’s chance to show the likes of him why its a mistake to disregard the people you are paid to represent.

    Oh, I forgot, we aren’t the people he was paid to represent, sorry.

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