Life Sentences, Day 135: Don’t Even Bother to Read

February 12th, 2011

I’m still hibernating.

Seriously, unless you thought yesterday’s post about swapping chairs and doing laundry was interesting, you have better things to to than to continue reading this.

With one exception, which I’m putting up here for the die-hards whose eyes haven’t glazed over yet:  Tomorrow will be given to TOPANGA HEARTS, an original short story with unoriginal characters by Everett Kaser.  It’s to get y’all in the right frame of mind and heart for Valentine’s Day.

This is a waffle day for me.  I’ve run for 50 minutes, straightened up the living room, and am about to go to Trader Joe’s to buy stuff I shouldn’t eat.  (See?  I told you it was boring.)

Then I’m coming back to Windex and polish my writing table, make coffee, and go back to editing Part One of PULPED, which is called THE IMAGISPHERE.  I’ve targeted the first five chapters, so anything I can do beyond that will be gravy.  I have to say that I’m liking the way it reads.

I’ll become interesting again at some point in the near future, before my wife leaves me.  Of course, all of you will be long gone by then.

And remember, I never promised that all of these would be interesting.

See you tomorrow.

3 Responses to “Life Sentences, Day 135: Don’t Even Bother to Read”

  1. Laren Bright Says:

    You writers lead such interesting lives.

  2. EverettK Says:

    If this was a waffle day for you, you NEEDED to run for 50 minutes. Waffles are FATTENING!

    Glad to know you’re keeping a clean ship. I’ll sleep easier tonight knowing that Madame Choy isn’t having to do ALL the work…

  3. Timothy Hallinan Says:

    Don’t we, Laren? Following unmarked paths through the miasma of the imagination, dodging the perils of poor word choices and unmatching nouns and verbs — and all without leaving the house. I can barely imagine how dangerous it must be outside.

    Everett, you’ll get yours when your story posts. Which it will in about 45 minutes.

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