Day 165: Enough Already

March 15th, 2011

When I started this thing, on October 1 of last year, I wrote:

“Obviously, I’m going to run out of material long before I run out of days.  That’s part of the charm, actually.  There will be days when I have to write about things I don’t want to write about, just because I’ve used up everything I do want to write about.”

I reached that point a little earlier than I thought I would. In a way, this has been like writing a novel in that sooner or later you get past the point where you can skate on sleight-of-hand.  Doing this every day is hard, and after 160-some posts it requires an increasing amount of energy to avoid subject matter that I don’t necessarily want to share and that you don’t necessarily want shared in your direction.

So the experiment is over.  From now on I’ll blog as often as I have something I actually want to say.  That might be seven days in one week or two days in a month.

Thanks to everyone who hung in there.  It’s been huge fun at times, and never more so than when the blog was driven for a week or so  in the direction of politically correct goodness and light.  Wumsy thanks you.

I apologize to Dana King, who got the blunt end of fury that wasn’t even directed at him.  I not only like and admire Dana, but I’m also grateful to him for being so kind to my books, and I’m grateful to Beth for giving me a quick slap so that I could pull my response off the site.  But when I start to do things like that, it’s probably time to give it a rest.

So here comes the rest.

26 Responses to “Day 165: Enough Already”

  1. EverettK Says:

    It’s been a wonderful 5 1/2 months, sometimes funny, sometimes depressing, sometimes enlightening, almost always entertaining. I (and I’m sure all of your faithful followers) will miss the Daily Dose of Hallinan. But hopefully this experiment has helped you to re-train yourself, to some degree, to get started writing earlier in the day and to be more productive with your time.

    I will, however, continue to check daily to see if you’ve stuck your neck out of your shell that day or not. 🙂

    Chin up, face to the wind and keep following your path wherever you choose it to lead you.

  2. Glenn W. Says:


    This morning I am reminded of Meister Eckart’s words that “…if the only prayer we ever say is ‘Thank You’, that will be enough.”

    So, to you Tim, I simply say a hearty “Thank You” for all you’ve given of and from yourself over the last several months.

    Take care of yourself and that remarkable woman in your life!

  3. Suzanna Says:

    Hi, Tim

    I respect your decision to blog when you feel like you have something you want to say.

    I have nothing but pure appreciation and admiration for you for all that you’ve shared with us during this tremendous blog challenge and for sticking it out this long. I can only imagine how difficult it’s been to maintain the energy for this project on top of all of your work. You work harder than anyone I know.

    I’ll definitely keep checking back for future posts, may they come freely and as frequently as you see fit.

  4. Tom Logan Says:

    Resting is good whether elected from within or imposed from the outside. I hope the “Dead End” sign will be replaced with “Slow” or “One Lane Ahead” or “Work Zone.” I have enjoyed the blogs and will check for a new one each day. The first priority is take care of Tim–I think this past week has been devastating for you. Thanks Tim for letting me in.

  5. Phil Hanson Says:

    Okay, so I wasn’t really gonna boycott Tim’s blog, but with him not posting every day, it will still seem like I am. Think win/win.

  6. Lil Gluckstern Says:

    I can only echo what the others have said. Thank you for sharing of yourself, and your enormous intellectual curiosity, and your wonderful humor and, yes, those feelings which are harder to express. I’ve said this before-thank you for being real. I’ll be checking in and continue to savor your books. Take care of you, and enjoy your life. Hopefully we’ll see you here soon.

  7. Laren Bright Says:

    What will I ever do with all the time that’s now freed up?

    Been some good stuff in these Tim.

  8. Colleen Kennedy Says:

    Tim, thank you for your sharing time, your wit, your knowledge and your grace. And thank you for not using cookies!

  9. Jess Says:

    Have I discovered your site too late? Are you abandoning your blog? I’ve read the first of your novel writing lessons … good stuff.

    I plan to poke around some more but I do hope you’ll fing your blogging voice again. ~j

  10. Debbi Says:

    I admire that you’ve kept at it this long. Well done.

    *applause* *applause*

  11. Timothy Hallinan Says:

    Thanks, everybody. This isn’t the end — nothing that dramatic. I’ll still be here a few times a week — just not up every morning ransacking what remains of my brain for something to say.

    I can’t tell you all how I’ve appreciated the support over these weeks and months. This really isn’t a big deal — just a change of priorities. I’ll write more about it in a blog.

    There may not be a daily dose, but I’m certain I can exceed the monthly recommended requirement.

  12. Robb Royer Says:

    But dollink, vat vill ve do now?

  13. Timothy Hallinan Says:

    I don’t know, dollink, but vatever it izz, ve vill do it togezzer.

  14. micael hallinan Says:

    Tim, I cant tell you how much I will miss your blog. I was in awe of how you seemed to handle every situation with intelligence and good humor. Are you sure your are the same Tim Hallinan that I grew up with? And the people who wrote in; how did you manage to surround yourself with so mant bright and interesting people. I enjoyed the comments almost as much as the blog; and in the case of wumsey more than the blog. Robb it was nice to hear from you. When we were young and people strummed guitars Robb actually played one. He was also a great swimmer and a lifeguard. If I have this wrong why would you ever bother to correct me. Larissa, good luck with your show. I’m sorry I couldn’t have been of more (any) help. Suzanna, I assume you an Aguayo. I remember your brother, the only pearson I ever knew who had a boxing ring in the back yard. Everett, I enjoyed your comments and was especially pleased by your take on Poke. Beth, we are on the same page spiritually. To everyone else as well as those included, I hope that with Tims blessings we can continue to communicate through this blog. And Tim can chime in whenever he feels moved to do so. I will not miss capcha.

    nd the people who wrote in

  15. micael hallinan Says:

    I should really proof read my comments.

  16. Debbi Says:

    He just vants to be alone for a vile. Dats all.

  17. Timothy Hallinan Says:

    Well, micael, that was really touching, even with the elbow in the ribs about what it might have been like to grow up with me. And Robb could never really play the guitar. He just had the moves down.

    I agree about this group of people. Pretty amazing.

    I’m not going to stop blogging — just not going to do it daily. It really got difficult toward the end, especially as the peasants began to assemble outside the castle with their torches and leather shorts.

  18. EverettK Says:

    leather shorts???

    I hope you realize, Tim, that this is your public blog you’re writing in, not your private S&M journal.

    Just a “head’s up”…

  19. Peg Brantley Says:

    Hugs, Tim. I’ll be lookin’ for you.

  20. Suzanna Says:

    Michael or is it Micael? I am an Aguayo still. Don’t remember the boxing ring in our backyard. Was it really a ring? Don’t remember my brother boxing either. Do remember the tiki hut though. Think he had something to do with that too.

  21. micael hallinan Says:

    HEY SUZANNA, There is every chance that I have this wrong ,but I dont think so. I remember a boxing ring. Any way my name Michael but my computer doesnt think so. Its like being in the witness protection program. Im slowly losing letters from my name and one day I will cease to exist. So its good you got to me when you did.

  22. Suzanna Says:

    Michael, I don’t doubt you at all. I just have a faulty memory for the early days especially. There certainly could have been a ring. My brother could have been into boxing too.

    Maybe Tim remembers? Or Maria?

    Anyway, thanks for the boxing ring memory I need all the help I can get piecing it all together!

  23. Timothy Hallinan Says:

    Michael and Suzanna, you guys should get together some time (with your spouses in attendance, of course). You’d love each other.

    And, boy, this is the way to get comments, huh? Quit. I don’t know how many times it’ll work, though.

    Captcha” alboglabla erreara

  24. Suzanna Says:

    Sounds great! Tim and Micael (I think it should always be spelled this way from now on) you guys think of a time and place and I’ll be there, spouse in tow.

  25. EverettK Says:

    Sheesh, Tim. I don’t think I’d want to bend over around anyone with THAT Captcha!

  26. RJ Says:

    hi Tim,

    shucks. as always, i’m the last to know and last to post. at least i’ve been consistent with that. so, kudos to you, tim, for all these wonderful five and a half months of delighting us, your loyal readers, with your wit and your way with words. been visiting your site for more than a coupla years, and it’s been something to look forward to, whether theres’s an earth-shattering reveal about something or the other or not.

    thanks, tim.

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