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November 7th, 2007

Technorati Profile The folks at [tag]William Morrow[/tag] just sent me the cover art for the second [tag]Poke Rafferty[/tag] novel, [tag]THE FOURTH WATCHER[/tag], and I’m knocked out. Here it is:

fourthwatcherhc_comp2.jpg Technorati Profile

What I like about it is, pretty much, everything. I love the angle of the title type, the way the title is projected in yellow light against that old brick wall, and the overall feel of the composition. But two things I especially like are the words, “A Novel of Bangkok,” which are below the title to the right, and the shadowed silhouette. Both of those elements, I think, are going to be consistent in the later books in the series (there was a blank silhouette on the jacket for [tag]A NAIL THROUGH THE HEART[/tag], too), and half the fun is going to be seeing how they work the silhouette, or the idea of a silhouette, into jackets, three, four, and so forth.

So I’m a happy writer at the moment, although tomorrow I begin the copy edit on WATCHER, and that’s usually enough to get me pulling my hair out. More on that in the next week or so,

Let me know what you think of the design.

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  1. Sphinx Ink Says:

    Excellent cover: very attention-getting. Sure to make many browsers pick up the book to read the blurbs and look inside, making it half-ways sold already. And the title is intriguing. Thumbs up.

  2. Dana King Says:

    Excellent cover. I can see why you’d be excited, not only because the cover’s so nice, but becuse they’re making a brand of you, giving you your own logo, so to speak.

    Congratulations. When does it launch?

  3. Timothy Hallinan Says:

    Hello, Dana, Hello Sphinx (Elora): Thanks for the nice words. I think it’s killer. And I love the idea of there being design constants from book to book.

    It’s scheduled to come out on June 24 of the coming year. I can’t even write the year in numbers — it feels like science fiction to me. In Chinese it would be er ling ling ba, with appropriate accents.

  4. Suzanna Says:

    I like it because it looks like a clip from a suspense movie — your books are really film ready pieces. Congratulations on a cover that hits the mark right off.


  5. Timothy Hallinan Says:

    From your lips to God’s ears. People at various studios keep saying how much they like the books (especially WATCHER), but not with that little extra soupcon of sincerity that’s so persuasively demonstrated by also sending a fat check.

    A very well-known actor has the book now. Cross fingers.

  6. Shadoe Says:

    It’s killer! It’s mysterious and unsettling, it grabs your attention and pulls you in…and of course, I love the shadow.

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