Something’s Coming

May 25th, 2011

Okay, this is filler, pure and simple.

Something really special is on the way.  I can’t tell you what it is yet, and it won’t officially be born until the end of the first week in June, but it’s something great.

It’s neither bigger nor smaller than a breadbox.  (Does anyone even remember what a breadbox is?)  It would weigh the same on Jupiter as it does here on Earth.

It could keep you company at lunch.  It could keep you warm in a small room with a really icy person.

If you hung it in a Christmas stocking at City Hall, the American Civil Liberties Union would make you take it down to protect atheists.

It has more periods than the Periodic Table of the Elements.  It’s got an all-star cast.

It’s global, local, and inside the head at the same time.

You’re gonna be smoked when I tell you about it.

Which will be on Monday.

Hoo hoo hooooooooooo . . .

26 Responses to “Something’s Coming”

  1. EverettK Says:

    A word to the wise: you deserve a life sentence for teasing us. I swear, it’s a plot to drive us mad, to shake the very foundations we stand upon! Who died and made you king? Where’s your title???

    Okay, so I’m being a wee bit dramatic. But t’is a sad, sad story when we, your loyal legions, are treated thus shortly. Someone has to read you the riot act!

    Erhmmm… me thinks it’s time for bed…

  2. Timothy Hallinan Says:

    This isn’t a tease. It’s a PROMO. Cunningly calculated to build interest to a fever pitch. If I do a couple more of these, then it’ll be a tease.

    But I guarantee, it’s pretty cool. You’ll see. Honest.

  3. Glenn Says:

    OK, I’ve taken the bait; I’m dangling on the end of the line. Which tells you I’ve either got a pretty pathetic life…waiting around for a Timothy Hallinan future blog, or I’m remarkably intuitive and I know that every hour of anticipation will all be worth the wait.
    Oh please, Timothy, don’t disappoint us!

    Good to know you’re well enough to be up and about. Take care of yourself, old buddy. It’s the only “self” you’re ever going to get.

  4. Usman Says:

    We’ll be waiting. Have no other choice now, do we?

  5. Tom Logan Says:

    Yes, I remember what a bread box is. I have one! And whatever it is, I’ll buy one. Sign me up.

  6. Howard Marder Says:

    You make me feel like the kid who has done something wrong and whose father says, “I’m going to give you a beating for doing this, but I’m not going to do it until next week”. Anticipation is part of the writing of anything well written. You have proven your mastery once again.

  7. Lil Gluckstern Says:

    Ha, I’m guessing it’ll fit in my go bag, and will please me, so I’ll anticipate the experience with bated breath. All you guys are so funny.

  8. michael hallinan Says:

    Can we ask questions that will give us hints? Like- what is it? Or is it something that is new AND improved? And did you know that breadbasket is a synonym for solar plexus? All that being said, I think its a chalupa.

  9. Debbi Says:

    Excited!!!! 😀

  10. Gary Says:

    I refuse to dignify this cheap, sensationalist attempt at titillation with any response whatsoever.

  11. Bonnie Says:

    Of course I know what a breadbox is: it’s where you put the bread so it can get mouldy.

    (Smirking) I got the secret out of Tim when he was probably still feverish, but I’m not telling. It is indeed very exciting and will rock your world. That’s all I’m saying.

  12. Laren Bright Says:

    I know what it is!!! It’s a…

  13. Timothy Hallinan Says:

    Hi, everybody. Here’s what I can tell you right now:


    I can say with complete assurance that Bonnie is right — it’s exciting and it will rock.

    By all means ask questions, and I’ll try to answer them in as obfuscating a manner as possible. Mice is wrong,, though, it’s not a chalupa, nor is it a chupacubra.

    It would be a bargain at three times the price, it’s got more eyes than a spider, it’s past, present, and future.

    Does that help?

  14. Lil Gluckstern Says:

    Being your naturally ebullient self, didn’t you mention this on 4MA? Still waiting with bated breath. You are a bunch of good guys, you know.

  15. John Lindquist Says:

    Here’s a guess (ignoring or not understanding the hints): It’s a direct-to-Kindle movie adaptation of one of your novels. Starring Joe Flanigan as Junior Bender.

  16. michael hallinan Says:

    As a bastion of the small community I reside in, I feel an obigation to ask the following questions. 1) Does it contain ADULT MATERIAL and if not why not? 2)Do I have a choice of regular or NEW nacho flavoring? 3)If I ACT NOW will something else be included as a BONUS? 4)Will I be assured that NO SALESMAN WILL CALL (oops salesperson)?

  17. Gary Says:

    Hah! If you’re trying to drag a response out of me, with all this mysterious mumbo-jumbo, then all I can say is: it won’t induce me to write a single word on this blog.

    Not one word.

  18. Bonnie Says:

    This is a test of the “follow up comments via email” plug-in. Anybody else want to try?

  19. Timothy Hallinan Says:

    It’s funny we haven’t heard from Gary — this is the kind of piece that usually lures him down from his eucalyptus.

    michael, I note you’ve abandoned the creative spelling but kept the self-effacing lower-case letters. And if this note is any example, you have much to be self-effacing about. You made both Munyin and me laugh out loud, you bastion, you.

    Lil, I did mention it on 4MA in a moment of unguarded enthusiasm. (Never again.) We’ve all got our fingers crossed for it.

    Laren, no, I’m afraid not. It’s actually a . . .

    Bonnie, I’m taking a swing at it — let’s see what happens.

  20. Bonnie Says:

    Ah, it came, it came. It’s working! 😉

  21. michael hallinan Says:

    Did I say bastion; I meant breadbasket.

  22. Laren Bright Says:

    Wait — I really know what it is now., It’s a…is that the phone ringing?

  23. Vena Says:

    Well, dangit. No bigger or smaller than a breadbox. Are you talking one of those tin box types or something like my mom had back in the 80’s — an ornate wooden masterpiece (monstrosity) with BREAD stenciled on the glass insert? Oh, and thanks for the nightmare tonight (“more eyes than a spider”). For Pete’s sake.

    Okay, Santa Claus, I’m stoked. Bring it on!

    Wait a sec…is it digital?

  24. Sylvia Says:

    *taps foot impatiently*

  25. EverettK Says:

    Boy, when Tim takes his shirt off and reveals his titilations, people really sit up erect and take note of the lack of substance!

    What I must ask is where’s the little old lady who always asked, “WHERE’S the BEEF?!?”

  26. Allen Chiu Says:

    I think I recognize this…

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