November 24th, 2011

Beginning this Friday, November 25, it’s a writer a day. 

Coming to this site, tomorrow, the Mystery We Write Blog Tour — fifteen tremendous writers participating in a sort of virtual daisy chain, hopping from site to site and strewing free book prizes everywhere they go.

Each day between the 25th of November and the eighth of December, I’ll host a different writer here, and my blogs will appear on their sites.  Most of the writers are giving away books, and at last count there were sixty or so up for grabs, mostly being given to people who read and comment on their posts on other writers’ sites.  I’ll be giving away all four Poke Rafferty books individually and also a full set, for a total of five prizes to people who have nothing better to do than to follow me from site to site and leave comments.

To find out how the other writers will bestow their prizes, drop into their sites.

Here’s who’s coming here, and when:

Friday, November 25:  M.M. Gornell
Saturday, November 26:  Wendy Gager
Sunday, November 27:  Alice Duncan
Monday, November 28:  John M. Daniel
Tuesday, November 29:  Pat Browning
Wednesday, November 30:  Ron Benrey
Thursday, December 1:  Beth Anderson
Friday, December 2:  Anne K. Albert
Saturday, December 3:  Earl Staggs
Sunday, December 4:  Jinx Schwartz
Monday, December 5:  Mike Orenduff
Tuesday, December 6:  Marilyn Meredith
Wednesday, December 7:  Jean Henry Mead
Thursday, December 8:   Jackie King,

And here are the blogs I’ll be appearing on during the tour.  Carve these into your kitchen wall, because I know you won’t want to miss a word.

Friday, November 25:  Jackie King
Saturday, November 26:
Sunday, November 27:  Marilyn Meredith
Monday, November 28:  Mike Orenduff
Tuesday, November 29:  Jinx Schwartz
Wednesday, November 30:  Earl Staggs
Thursday, December 1:  Anne K. Albert
Friday, December 2:  Beth Anderson
Saturday, December 3:  Ron Benrey
Sunday, December 4:  Pat Browning
Monday, December 5:  John M. Daniel
Tuesday, December 6:  Alice Duncan
Wednesday, December 7:  Wendy Gager
Thursday, December 8:    M.M. Gornell

My book winners will be chosen from among those who responded to at least five blogs here or at least three of my blogs elsewhere.

So you’ve got your assignments?  Any questions?  Not you, Duane, you were looking out the window.

4 Responses to “THE BLOG TOUR!!!”

  1. Jean Henry Mead Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Tim. The tour is going to be what Earl Staggs has termed, “The Biggest, bestest, boldest” virtual tour ever. And he’s right. I look forward to hosting you on November 26 at The View From My Montaintop.

  2. EverettK Says:

    Oh, I’ll be following you around (how could I not, when you’ve got that ring through my nose and keep jerking my chain?) But I already have the books, so feel free to ignore my commehts. But wait, that’s SOP, isn’t it…?

  3. Pat Reid Says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun. Where’s my calendar? I need to make notes.

  4. Timothy Hallinan Says:

    Welcome back, Pat — great to hear from you.

    Everett, I would have ignored your comments in any case. Nawwwwww . . . I wouldn’t.

    Jean, Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, and I can’t wait to see the view from your porch.

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