The Inn Group???

December 27th, 2011

It’s always sobering to realize that large chunks of one’s life have somehow broken off and fallen away.

This bit of lost memory comes via my nephew Ken, who is the keeper of my parents’ pictures.  It seems they kept the one above.  Ken sent it to me a couple of days ago.

Okay, I recognize Robb and Stephen and Michele.  I recognize Paul Sykes, who was apparently top-billed, and who probably deserved to be.  Paul was one of the sweetest people I ever knew, and I remember him fondly.

But I’ve never heard of The Inn Group.  Would I have belonged to a band called The Inn Group?  Did I (horrors!) think up the name?  If I did, what was I taking at the time so I can be certain of avoiding it in the future?

I don’t remember us being called We Three (pre-Stephen) or The Rainy Day People, either, although we apparently cut a record under that name.  How many other names don’t I remember?  The Bus Tokens?  The Widdle Folk?  The Puddle-Jumpers?  The Very Whites?  Freddie and the Fingers?  The Numismatists?   Anton Mesmer and the Stares?

This is unsettling, I tell you, unsettling.  In the unlikely event that someone writes my biography, are large parts of it going to seem new to me?  Will there be a large section called THE JERUSALEM YEARS, or CHANGING MODERN DANCE?  Was I once, God forbid, a performance artist?

Here’s the picture again, a little bigger but minus Paul.

Yup, I recognize everybody.  I even recognize the photo session, but only because I posted other pictures from it, which Robb sent me.  I have no memory of actually doing it.  Also, even if did think up the name, I disclaim responsibility for the exclamation point.

I’m imploring the other three Pleasure Fairies — not meant the way it sounds — to step up and fill me in.  I’m also pleading with John Lindquist, who keeps the website on all things Bread and pre-Bread, to chime in.

I don’t recognize the chin-on-wrist pose, either.  Or the crossed ankles, for that matter.  It’s kind of fey, and I’ve never thought of myself as fey, nor am I requesting opposing opinions on the issue.

Just give me my life back.  Or this little piece of it, anyway.

12 Responses to “The Inn Group???”

  1. EverettK Says:

    In an attempt to help you remember a part of your life lost, for the past 20 years or so you’ve been part of a group known as Munyin and the Four Fingers. I assume it comes from the fact that you’ve never learned to type with more than four fingers while chewing gum, but I may be misremembering that. If the “Four Fingers” part derives from something else, neither Mun nor I wish to know the details…

  2. Lil Gluckstern Says:

    What’s the line? “If you remember the sixties, you weren’t there.” I think I’ve said this before. It seems you were very there, and had a blast.

  3. Robb Royer Says:

    Yup, I remember it. We went from Robb and Tim(note the order)to We Three to The Four Skins to The Inn Group to The Rainy Day People to The Pleasure Fair. Of course those other names you mention are silly, although we actually did have a few days as the Very Whites. You don’t remember any of it? Next you’ll be telling me you don’t remember your cross dressing period or your stint in the Weather Underground.

  4. Robb Royer Says:

    As my friend Rich Fagan says, there are advantages to a lousy memory. You can hide your own Easter eggs.

  5. John Lindquist Says:

    Hey Tim, not to worry about the memory thing. Around that time I was a member of a pretty spectacular college orchestra I just vaguely remember being a part of, and a concert poster in my closet recently brought to mind a flood of disconnected scenarios that I just do not trust as reliable memories. But somewhere I’m sure there’s someone who’s written a detailed diary now buried under a protective layer of dust in an attic. Wow, the list of names is growing. The Inn Crowd. Might you have been regulars in a hotel lounge? I anxiously await more from Robb and also what Michele & Stephen come up with. And the Michaels (H. and Z.) as well. This is important stuff, and I’ll see what Google can scrape up for me when I can drag my laptop to the town library come daylight. (From my bedside Kindle – on the edge of 3G up here in N Wis)

  6. John Lindquist Says:

    I’m on the trail for info at the Hayward, Wis library (the world’s noisiest), and I’m not much help yet. So far I found mention of an earlier group called “The Inn Group” which included Jerry Yester, John Forsha and Karol Dugan. They merged with two other groups to form the New Christy Minstrels, created by Randy Sparks in 1961. Interestingly enough, your friend Paul Sykes was a member of the Randy Sparks Three around 1960. He looks like Buddy Holly in the photo in that clipping – which unfortunately doesn’t show the the name of the place. Was it The Ice House in Pasadena, perhaps? Might there be any set lists for your group that are surviving from that era? Anyway, some of this might ring a bell for someone in the know.

    On my breadsite (click on my name above), I just posted a link to a short video of Jimmy Griffin portraying a Confederate soldier singing in the snow on a 1977 TV show.

    Too noisy in here. I’m off to the Wi-Fi laundromat which would be called Byte My Shorts if the name hadn’t been taken already. 🙂

  7. Suzanna Says:

    Had me laughing up a storm with those band names, Tim!

  8. Timothy Hallinan Says:

    Hi, everybody —

    Everett — actually, the name of our little twosome is “Munyin and Associate,” and that’s all I aspire to. I have to confess that I don’t know our anniversary, but that’s because we were married two times, not because of memory problems.

    Lil, the bits of the sixties I do remember were much more vivid than things seem today, or maybe it’s just that I was more vivid back then.

    Nice try, Robb. We were NEVER The Four Skins. I remember our brief stint in drag behind Michele as The Barrettes, but The Four Skins is ludicrous. And of course, I remember being in The Weather Underground. But I’m not allowed to talk about it.

    And Robb, again — Apropos of Rich Fagan’s line but a little more melancholy, David Kaufman told me that losing his memory made things easy for his friends because they only had to know one joke.

    Hi, John — We’d have loved a regular gig in a hotel, a bar, a brothel, anywhere. (The others may remember it differently.) And you’ve made me feel much better — I’ve just forgotten a few band names, and you’ve forgotten a whole symphony orchestra. That’s some serious forgetting. I’m glad to know that other musicians were dumb enough to call themselves The Inn Group, especially Jerry Yester. Interesting that Paul Sykes was in the Randy Sparks Trio. And, you know, that poster MIGHT be for The Ice House. Set lists? If anyone has set lists, it would be Robb and/or Stephen, although my money’s on Robb. What IS it with the Hayward Library? Aren’t libraries supposed to be quiet?

    Sanna — I’ve discovered a talent for coming up with bad names for go-go bars (I named all the bars in THE QUEEN OF PATPONG) and rock bands. There were about twelve of them in the first draft, but I cut it down a bit.

  9. Stephen Cohn Says:

    I don’t remember naming ourselves the Inn Group. Shame on us. However, I do remember that following Paul Sykes act, we were all asked to perform lap dances – Robb, Michele and I refused.

  10. michele Says:

    Now I know what you mean. Forget the email. I haven’t a clue where the name came from. Good picture though. I remember the photo shoot, it’s one of the LC beach series. Who did it and who paid for it? That might give us an idea. Was it Uni records or AM our manager? I know we didn’t have a dime. Geez, I was more in than I thought…I don’t remember a thing from that time.

  11. michele Says:

    Michele and the Barettes? Come on. I remember “Mama and the three Papas” vividly. I even remember getting you guys to clean up the condo! I just couldn’t take the responsibility anymore.

  12. Malc Says:

    Hey guys !! C’mon ! This is NOT helping me pull together your section of the story in my forthcoming BREAD bio ! I need facts, dates, set lists, backstage passes, best seats in the house, access to the rider … especially the sandwiches with the crusts already cut off

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