A Star for Poke

May 16th, 2012


The first review for THE FEAR ARTIST just came out, and it’s a doozy.

What’s more, it’s from Publishers Weekly, one of the most important publishing trades.

First, the book was awarded a STAR, which is PW’s way of saying a book is one of the best of the month.  Stars in PW are hoarded by authors like military medals by, um, people who are awarded military medals.  (It’s been a long day.)

Second, it begins with the greatest opening clause of any book review I’ve ever received:  “At the start of Edgar-finalist Hallinan’s heartrending, unforgettable fifth Poke Rafferty thriller . . .”  This opening engaged my attention completely.

Third, the reviewer even talks about the book’s political underpinnings, which I feel very deeply.  The last sentence reads,  “Hallinan gives his readers . . . no chance to escape from his somber conviction that what America has become by pursuing the war on terror was never what America was supposed to be.”

No fucking kidding.

Here’s the link to the whole thing: http://bit.ly/JtOsQj

And, the very same day, a site called WowOasis, which reaches out to travelers, especially to Asia, gave the book a sensational notice.  Here’s that link:  http://www.wowasis.com/travelblog/?p=4429  It’s a really marvelous review.

Two down, 498 to go.  Keep your fingers crossed.  It’s okay to uncross them at mealtime and for typing and using the TV remote.  And my brothers, Mike and PK, can uncross them to do cartoons, paint, write books, and illustrate them.  The rest of you are in for the long haul.

17 Responses to “A Star for Poke”

  1. EverettK Says:

    Oh, man, my nose is going to get SO full of boogers! Come on, folks, please hurry up with those reviews or I’m going to become a mouth-breather.

    Big congratulations, Tim! The book deserves every great review it gets, it’s that good! It’s going to be hard to make progress on my new game with my fingers crossed, but I’m willing to throw myself on the keyboard …er… grenade.

  2. Gary Says:

    We always knew you were good.

    When’s the rest of the world gonna wake up?

  3. Dana King Says:

    Every Rafferty book gets a little better. I’m anxious to see how any book can be better than THE QUEEN OF PATPONG, but I’ll not bet against it.

  4. juliet Says:

    this is how i imagine it feels to watch one of your children make the cut for the olympic high jump team. you’re like, “well obviously he’s the best, i always knew that. i was just never sure whether i was biased before, but now i know i’m simply correct.” 😉

  5. Lil Gluckstern Says:

    I’m thrilled. The book is causing quite a lot of stir, and today I got an emailing for all your books. The selling has started. But Amazon doesn’t allow reviews until the book is released, so all I could do was “like” it. Such a good, and unique book, and I love that Tim sets this in the real world of Bangkok. Oh, I could go on and on, but I won’t. It’s different from “Queen,” so it grabs you differently. Me anyway.

  6. Timothy Hallinan Says:

    Hi, everyone, and thanks. (I’ve been letting this blog languish lately but that’s going to change.)

    LIL, as always, you make my day. I’m so happy you like the book. It was such a pain in the ass to write, what with all my I-can’t-write demons in full array against me.

    JULIET, you’re the editor of a writer’s dreams, and you made the book considerably better, and also shorter, in a very artful manner.

    DANA, I hope they get better. Few reactions are more complicated than a writer’s when someone says, “But, you know, I think I liked your first book the most.”

    GARY, you are, as always, in the vanguard. Go tell the folks at Monument Books in Phnom Penh that they NEED to carry it.

    And EVERETT, I can’t believe the word “boogers” is on this blog, but I really appreciate your reaction to the book. Wait’ll you read what I wrote about you on DorothyL.

  7. Tom Logan Says:

    Those of us who KNOW your books really don’t have to cross anything. If a reviewer doesn’t like THE FEAR ARTIST he/she needs intensive psychological help and certainly retraining. We will simply write them off. Congratulations, Tim. The adventure continues.

  8. Julie Evelsizer Says:

    I can’t wait to read it. For writers whom (unlike you) I’m unfamiliar with, a starred review in Publisher’s Weekly is one thing I trust. I hope there are a lot of readers like me who will see that star and read Poke for the first time if they haven’t done so already! Congratulations on the great reviews that you have and the ones that are forthcoming as well.

  9. EverettK Says:

    Your note showed up on 4_Mystery_Addicts, and very kind you are. Be sure to watch for my reply to Rose on that list…

  10. michael hallinan Says:

    Yeah Tim,
    Two great reviews way overdue. Readers will now go back to the other Pokes to see what they have been missing and you can afford to take us all to dinner. And just wait til they discover Junior.

  11. Sharai Says:

    This is too exciting!!!!!!!
    Please let me know if your book tour will take you anywhere near Sacramento. Or maybe when you get this good you don’t have to do book tours?

    And Everett, if I can type this with my ring fingers, you can do that other thing!

  12. Larissa Says:

    Hoooray! (c: jI’m tryinb to typw euw…oh heck…I tried to type with crossed fingers but it didn’t work. I was hoping I could just do two things at once in a new and exciting way (c: As always, good to hear that things are going well for you-you know you’ve got talent and the rumor is spreading! 😀

  13. Ruth Says:

    Shivers here (no, it’s not cold)–excitement!! Having the privilege of having read The Fear Artist,the rest of you have a treat ahead, I assure you!! Our Fort Bragg Book Group LOVED The Queen of Patpong! Gossip as The Fear Artist gets passed around here is unanimously that it’s “intriguing”!! I did hear a few comments about missing Rose and Miaow. We hope they stay home for the next Poke adventures (plural). Congratulations, Tim!

  14. Stephen Cohn Says:

    Huge congrats, Tim!!!

  15. DJ Murphy Says:

    Way to go Tim. Fear Artist is a great story. Glad the review was so positive. Reading an advance copy was really a treat. Congrats and thanks

  16. Scott Reeves Says:

    Unforgettable! No better review.

  17. Larry Montgomery Says:

    Hi Tim. I just ordered The Fear Artist from Amazon and am tingling with excitement even tho it won’t ship until July 17. Congrats on the great reviews,well deserved I know. Incidentally, I just read Bangkok Noir and Hansum Man was easily my favorite entry. Great story and very touching and written by a Talented Man.

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