Wish Fulfillment

June 18th, 2009

A very early review of Breathing Water appeared yesterday on the Genre Review (GenReview) website, and I can only hope it sets the tone for all the reaction to come.  It ends with these sentences:  Breathing Water is the best contemporary crime fiction that I’ve read in a long time. I plan on immediately going out and buying all his other books.

The entire review, written by Gray Bridges, who is the programming coordinator at the Harris Arts Center in Calhoun, GA and my new favorite critic, can be found here.  Go read it, if you have a moment, and leave her a comment, perhaps praising her remarkable taste.  When I think of how many times I almost turned over the manuscript of Breathing Water — then titled Misdirection — to use the blank side of the paper as a scratch pad, it’s hard to believe that the book Gray Bridges is praising is the one that gave me such fits.  (And is Gray Bridges a great name, or what?)

And as luck would have it, the review came through at a time when I was at a new low ebb in my regard for the latest Poke book, The Rocks.  I had written one thuddingly ordinary sentence after another all morning, and I was ready to give up for the day, and perhaps for life, and I went up to take a little break online, and here was the review.  It fueled another 1500 words.

Thanks, Gray.

12 Responses to “Wish Fulfillment”

  1. Sylvia Says:

    Wow, that’s a GREAT review.

  2. Jen Forbus Says:

    And I can say without reservation…very well deserved!!!

  3. Usman Says:

    Great review.

  4. Greg Says:

    Great start, Tim. May this first excellent review spawn many more. And thanks again for the reminder that even accomplished writers are susceptible to self-doubt.

  5. Cynthia Mueller Says:

    YES! Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! It’s about time that you got the recognition you deserve! Do we have a release date?

    My captcha is: pancreas 12

  6. Timothy Hallinan Says:

    Thanks, everybody — I really appreciate the cheering section, especially since the new book is giving me fits, too.

    The release date for BREATHING WATER is officially September 3, I think, but it’s due to be on store shelves on August 18. I’m going to tour about half of the United States and will start blogging about that in a week or two.

  7. Peter Says:

    Yep, let the world know your tour schedule. Will you be anywhere near the East Coast?
    Detectives Beyond Borders
    “Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home”

  8. Brynne Sissom Says:

    Yes, if you’ll be in Dallas or Ft. Worth, I’d love to get Poke’s autograph, or Miaow’s…yours will do fine….

  9. Suzanna Says:

    Hi, Tim

    Congratulations, once again, on a wonderful review of your outstanding writing. I know more are sure to follow!

  10. Larissa Says:

    Awesome! I’m glad to see that there are some critics out there with good taste still! (c: Congrats! And I’m sure that this is just the beginning. It’s always the stuff that we hate the most that ends up getting the best reviews-I think it has something to do with all the, for lack of a better word, energy that goes into it. Not always good happy hippy vibes but energy nonetheless and I think it comes through. When do we get a sneak peak at the new book (c:

  11. Sean Bunzick Says:

    I just wanted to take a few moments to give you a full thumbs-up for “A Nail Through The Heart” and “The Fourth Watcher”–as you know, I just recently got those books at the suggestion of Chris Moore and I was very glad I took his advice–you are a great writer who has beautifully nailed the ever-weird, rarely-dull world of Bangkok with a PI I think we can all relate to.
    I tried to do reviews for these novels via Amazon.com but since I wasn’t buying a product from them, I wasn’t allowed to submit a review which bugged the hell out of me (after all, I’ve gotten away with doing reviews for Chris, Jason Schoonover, Dean Barrett and other authors in the past free-of-charge) but if it helps you out at all, I’m more than happy to let you know here on your own blog how much sanuk I had with your material and that I’m very much looking forward to your next Poke novel, “Breathing Water”.
    As a writer myself with five novels about Thailand/Southeast Asia, I can completely relate to where you’re coming from.
    Continued success with your work!

  12. Timothy Hallinan Says:

    Hi, and thanks again to everyone.

    GREAT review yesterday in BOOKLIST, one of the industry trades. That’s the first trade review, so I’m keeping my fungers crossed for the others.

    Sean, you’re really making my head swell. I love to get good responses from people who know Thailand, and it means even more coming from someone who has tamed the novel beast him/herself. BREATHING WATER may or may not be available in Thailand in hard cover, but it’ll definitely be at Monument Books in Phnom Penh, a town that’s always worth a visit even when my books aren’t there.

    Larissa — There will be two chapters up somewhere, but I forget where. Obviously, I’m going to have to remember if I’m going to send them the chapters, so when I do remember it, I’ll also remember to post it. Yeah, so far we’ve had four reviews and I’ve loved every single one of them. Thanks for the good wishes, and please keep it up, at least until the NY Times and Entertainment Weekly decide to review the book (positively).

    Zanna, thanks, and I hope you like the book as much as the reviewers (thus far) seem to. Had a great review by John Clark today at TCM-CA.com. He’s liked all three of the Poke books (long life to him) and he hasn’t been shy about saying so.

    Brynne — welcome, if I haven’t said that already. I appreciate your dropping by. I’m trying to set something up with a store in Ft. Worth, but they haven’t committed yet, and I have to lock it or move on by Tuesday of this coming week. I’ll post the schedule here when it’s set.

    Peter — thanks for the second terrific piece at Detectives Beyond Borders. No East Coast on this trip, I’m afraid.

    You guys really make me feel great, even if my Captcha is “von sulky.”

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