And Now, Just in from Afghanistan . . .

August 3rd, 2009

I have an Internet acquaintance,  whom I’m not certain I should name, who’s on duty in Afghanistan.We first met, virtually speaking, when he became one of a surprisingly large number of people who wrote to tell me I didn’t know my elbow from a teakettle about firearms because I had a scene in A NAIL THROUGH THE HEART in which Poke flipped off the safety on his Glock.  Anybody who could be trusted with a firearm, even a fictional firearm, he said, would know that Glocks don’t have safeties.  I sent a reply to the effect that in fact, Glock itself, right on its own website, recommends a company that manufactures safeties for their automatics, and that Poke had availed himself of that option because he and Rose have a child in the house.

Anyway, we struck up a conversation, and now that my friend has returned to Afghanistan he sends me what he calls “Afghanograms.”  These pictures, which I really wanted to share with you, are from the most recent Afghanogram.


and . . .


I hope you like these.

By the way, Muslims in the south of Thailand have now killed more than 3.600 Thai Buddhists, and have beheaded more than 45 Thais, including Buddhist monks.  This is a brilliant tactic if the goal is to spread Islamophobia throughout Buddhist Southeast Asia.

5 Responses to “And Now, Just in from Afghanistan . . .”

  1. Lisa Kenney Says:

    You have to appreciate gallows humor — the Afghanograms, I mean. Lately, statistics on the number of dead are having a face slapping effect on my psyche. I was unaware of what’s happening in Thailand.

  2. Timothy Hallinan Says:

    Hi, Lisa —

    The media, always eager to avoid being branded anti-Islam, has criminally underreported the bloodshed in the South. This goes triple for the Thai media, who are just plain cowardly, obviously fearing some sort of retribution.

  3. Larissa Says:

    I think they’re pretty funny actually…gruesome and horrid and true but I think making something “light” out of it (in as much as it’s possible) is a good coping method. Anyway. It’s absolutely staggering to consider what’s going on over there right now…which is why I think a lot of people don’t. Or haven’t. or can’t….anyway. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Timothy Hallinan Says:

    I agree, Riss, and I think this kind of humor is a necessary defense under these circumstances. It’s impossible to imagine what they’re all actually going through.

  5. Sarah Says:

    Ugh …. I also did not know. Horrible horrible insane brutality. It’s like some fiendish insect “Praying Mantis” or spider, but not with the excuse of being an insect. Our physical capsules take such vicious assaults via these twisted intentions, and it is only insects that might still be stupid enough to still not realize we are all connected. The poor people now also in Iraq that are enduring this upsurge in bombings. I still always will question how our government, our military – left football fields of explosives to be unlocked and stolen in the beginning of the war. I still question in my mind, how could that have been done without some horrible knowledge. Anyway, your sentence is the total summing up of the usage of all of these weapons of cruelty and destruction. “This is a brilliant tactic if the goal is to spread Islamophobia throughout Buddhist Southeast Asia.”

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