The Road Goes on Forever

August 25th, 2009

First, I want to thank all the people (and there were a lot of them) who showed up to support me at Small World Books in Venice, The Mystery Bookstore in Westwood, Mysteries to Die For in Thousand Oaks, and Book ‘Em in Pasadena. It means a lot, after labor pains that last a year or more, to see people who are actually interested in the book, and to meet them and talk with them.  It’s a little like magic — I imagined them the whole time I was writing the book, sitting across from me as I told the story, and suddenly there they are, in the flesh, as if I’ve conjured them up.

It was also a real pleasure to have some first-rate writers show up: Brett Battles, Sean Black, Gregg Hurwitz, Stephen Schwartz, Eric Stone, and Edward Wright.  I admire the work of the ones I’ve read (Black and Schwartz’s books aren’t out yet) and it’s sort of a thrill to know they like mine, too.

Thursday morning I get behind the wheel of my car, which I’ve named Silver so I can make a classic Lone-Ranger-exit.  (Anyway, it’s  silver car.)  And Los Angeles will dwindle in the rearview mirror as the rest of the country gets closer.  Here’s the first leg of the tour:

Thursday, August 27, 7:00 PM, Mysterious Galaxy, San Diego/Clairmont Mesa

Friday, August 28, 5:00 PM, Clues Unlimited, Tucson, Arizona

Saturday, August 29, 2 PM, The Poisoned Pen, Phoenix/Scottdale, Arizona

Thursday, September 3, 5:30 PM, Murder By the Book, Denver, Colorado

Friday, September 4, 7:00 PM, The Raven, Lawrence, Kansas

Saturday, September 5, 11 AM/1 PM, I Love A Mystery, Mission, Kansas (11 AM is a Sisters in Crime meeting.)

Tuesday, September 8, 6:30 PM, Murder By the Book, Houston, Texas

After Texas, it’s on to New Orleans, Nashville, Memphis, St.. Louis, Indianapolis, Columbus OH, and then points north and west.  Will list these stores, dates and times a little closer to the events.

If you’re in the neighborhood of any of these places, I really hope you’ll come by.  In most stores I’ll be doing a multimedia presentation that takes you behind the scenes in Bangkok, and in some of them I’ll be doing a writing workshop.  Oh, and signing copies of BREATHING WATER and the earlier Poke adventures.

Awww, come on.  If I can drive 8,000 miles, you can go a few blocks.

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  1. Suzanna Says:

    Hey, Tim

    Keep us posted and hi, ho Silver!

  2. Jen Forbus Says:

    It still makes me so tickled to see Columbus on that list! I just can’t wait. Enjoy each and every event, Tim, and I’ll see you September 23rd!

  3. Raymond Says:

    Any plans for NYC?

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