Welcome, Larissa

February 25th, 2008

We have a new Dickens Challenger, and she’s got a very ambitious scheme in mind. Here’s what she has to say:

Larissa Uredi graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2005 and is currently trying to launch a company that focuses on her artwork as well as her passion for interior design. This is her first attempt at anything resembling a novel, although she does indulge her enthusiasm for last-minute fiction and journaling. Larissa’s novel has just been provisionally titled (in the true spirit of last-minute fiction) Beyond the Seven Seas, and it’s a contemporary story that’s set in London and works to explore the relationship between mythology and fiction. Larissa hopes, she says, to gain a better sense of her written voice and learn how it feels to push her ideas as far as they will go through the Dickens Challenge.

Her first chapter is up right now at http://wanderlustandrambling.blogspot.com

By the way, in her note to me, Larissa says she’s a total pantser, and it’s really good to have a little more company. (Larissa, in case you don’t know what a “pantser” is, it’s someone who, like you and me, writes by the seat of his/her pants.)

6 Responses to “Welcome, Larissa”

  1. Larissa Says:

    Ha! Indeed I am. (c: I look forward to this, hopefully having to push forward will persuade the sure signs of schizophrenia I’m having after posting the first chapter-all the voices keep telling me to edit and revise!-to get bored and go away. (c: Thanks for adding me to the team. We’ll see what happens.

  2. Usman Says:

    Welcome Larissa,
    There are a whole lot of Pansters collected by Tim. Enjoy writing.

  3. Cynthia Mueller Says:

    Hi Larissa! Welcome to the group. Be brave and kick those editing voices to the back of your head. Just keep writing. Focus on getting the story out. Edit later!

  4. Lisa Kenney Says:

    Welcome Larissa! I am terribly behind with reading, writing and posting — okay, everything, but I’ll have a post up at my place and a link to your site from mine within the next day. I really enjoyed your first chapter.

  5. Liz Fenwick Says:

    Welcome Larrisa! I’m way behind reading and posting too…….

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