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Junior Bender

Junior Bender is a Los Angeles burglar deluxe—a thief’s thief. But he also has a sideline: he works as a private eye. For crooks. When someone commits a crime against a crook, odds are good that the crook isn’t going to the cops. He or she is going to Junior Bender.

With the publication of Nighttown, there are now seven Junior Bender Mysteries in print. Between the two 2016 publications, King Maybe and Fields Where They Lay, Junior made it onto eight key “Best of 2016” lists. The 2014 release, Herbie’s Game, won the Lefty Award as Best Comic Mystery that year.

Here’s the order of the Junior Bender novels:

  • Crashed
  • Little Elvises
  • The Fame Thief
  • Herbie’s Game
  • King Maybe
  • Fields Where They Lay
  • Nighttown