Junior Bender:  Herbie's Game Junior Bender:  Little Elvises Junior Bender:  Crashed Junior Bender:  Herbie's Game

Junior Bender is a burglar deluxe—a thief's thief whose strong points include a double helping of caution, an eye for value that can pick out the best thing in a room at forty paces, an almost limitless frame of reference that helps him sort the buff from the duff—and, most important of all, an apprenticeship to the legendary burglar Herbie Mott that began when Junior was seventeen.

Junior also has a sideline: he works as a private eye. For crooks. When someone commits a crime against a crook, odds are good that the crook isn’t going to the cops. He or she is going to Junior Bender.

The first Junior Bender novel, Crashed, came out at the end of 2012, and the fourth, Herbie’s Game, was published in July 2014, only 18 months later. In that short period of time tens of thousands of people have bought (and presumably read) one of Junior’s adventures. So here’s a thanks to all of you and to the people at Soho, who took the gamble of putting them out so quickly. Pretty damn cool if you ask me.

Here’s the order of the Junior Bender novels:

  • Crashed
  • Little Elvises
  • The Fame Thief
  • Herbie’s Game